As of spring 2017, Jennie is the Associate Director of Audience Engagement at San Francisco Ballet.

Jennie Scholick received her PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Los Angeles and holds a B.A from Princeton University. Her dissertation examines the relationships between dance, text, and politics in works created by poets and choreographers associated with the New York City Ballet during the height of the Cold War (1948-1964). Jennie was selected as a 2015 Mellon Dance Studies Seminar participant at Northwestern University and for the 2015-2016 Collegium of University Teaching Fellows at UCLA.  Her work has been supported by a New York Public Library Short-Term Research Fellowship, a UCLA Del Amo Fellowship, the UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship and Summer Research Mentorship Programs, and a UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship.

Jennie’s work has been presented at the Congress on Research in Dance/Society of Dance History Scholars, the Northeast MLA, Princeton University’s Department of English, Yale University, and the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association.

Any opinions expressed in this blog are her own and do not necessarily reflect the position, views, or opinions of San Francisco Ballet.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome to Seattle! I’m always happy to read more writing about ballet here. If you like, check out seattledanceannual.com…there’s access to a free, online book about some of the dance that happened here last year. I’m looking forward to your piece on the Jewels coaching. I was there too. What a charmer!

    1. Thank you Rosie! I’ve heard so much about you and SeattleDanceAnnual already and would love to meet at some point! He was a charmer, wasn’t he? Now I’ll always think of him and Danilova when I see a man bow…

  2. Hi!

    Comments don’t seem to work on your d’Amboise coaching post, so I thought I’d answer your question here. Carrie Imler was working with William Lin Yee, and Elizabeth Murphy was working with Steven Locke. At least according to a colleague who was there — I had to miss it, and so am doubly glad to see your report.

    1. Hi Sandi! Thanks for pointing that out…Not sure what was going on but it should work now. I’ll update the post accordingly!

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